Buy your tree from Fir, and we’ll plant two more… one to replace your tree and one to live forever!

Exciting news! From 2021, Fir is partnering with One Tree Planted, a non-profit charity organisation that makes it easy to plant trees where they’re needed most. From now on, for every Christmas tree that we sell, one will be planted here in Ireland and another will be planted in Africa that will never be cut down.

Deforestation and climate change are important topics right now and we at Fir believe that One Tree Planted are doing wonderful things to help. Our partnership, and promise to plant, is the first for any Christmas tree company and we are proud to be pioneers!

We’ll focus on Ethiopia, Rwanda and Kenya, all beautiful countries but in much need of immediate help, which we can give.

Fun fact: Together, the Irish (both north and south), are one of the most charitable people in the world! Let’s keep that up and share the love by helping reforest our world.