Ordering Online

Ordering Online

Part of our series on How It Works

Ordering your Christmas tree this year can be as easy as ordering anything else online, just visit our shop.

First you’ll select the height you need. We have trees as small as 3ft which are perfect for small displays on a table or counter and are a huge hit with the designated office Christmas co-ordinator. Right up to our 12ft trees which look amazing in hotel lobbies and open plan, double height living rooms.

Don’t over estimate the height of your ceiling though, the last thing you want is a tree that’s scraping the paintwork. The average height of a ceiling in the UK is 8ft, so it’s no coincidence our 7ft Christmas tree is the most popular.

View of Christmas tree at the far end of a hotel lobby with marble floors and crystal chandelier
Field of Nordmann Fir planted in rows

Next, choose the shape of tree you want. The traditional shape is by far the most popular because it gives you that classic Christmas tree look, with broad lower branches gently tapering towards the top, in proportions that match it’s height. Its no surprise the Nordman fir is our favourite species. We’ve got those tricky Christmas displays covered too though with narrow and wide trees also available.

Finally, schedule your delivery date and time to suit your diary. If you live in our delivery areas and buy a tree then your delivery is free! So now is the time to browse the rest of our range.

You’ll find the finest handmade wreaths and garlands, decorated and sprinkled with lights. We even have accessories so you can display them all perfectly. And don’t forget your Christmas tree stand! There’s always somebody.

Nordmann fir in a field
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This post is part of our series on How It Works