Find the Right Christmas Tree

Woman hugging an undecorated Christmas tree

Find the Right Christmas Tree

Believe it or not, the first step to long Christmas tree life actually happens before you even have a tree.

In the UK there are many different species of firs, pines and spruces commonly used as Christmas trees and each have their benefits. Some are tall and narrow while others are wide and sprawling, some have stronger branches and are better for using outside the home, some retain their needles better and some even have stronger aromas.

Knowing what you want from your tree along with a little bit of online research will go a long way when it comes to selecting the right tree.

At Fir, we’ve already done a lot of that research and come to believe the Nordmann Fir is a vastly superior tree to all others for use as a Christmas tree inside the home.

Nordmann fir in a field
Field of Nordmann Fir planted in rows

  • They’re easy to care for since they require little or no water.
  • They keep a strong hold of their needles, even in warm rooms, so you don’t need to run for the vacuum cleaner every time you brush past one of their branches.
  • Their needles are waxy and soft which is great news for the eyes of pets and children everywhere.
  • Since their needles don’t dry out quickly, they excel in another, more serious safety issue. They have an extremely low risk of catching fire due to things like faulty lights.
  • Their branches are full and bushy allowing decorations to be placed on them, not just hung from them.
  • Their symmetrical proportions give them that classic Christmas tree shape from any angle without any pruning or shaping necessary.

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