Christmas Tree Services in a Covid-Safe Way

Christmas Tree Services in a Covid-Safe Way

2020 has provided some unprecedented challenges. This time last year, we would never have even contemplated that the annual trip out to buy a Christmas tree, normally a joyous family event that marks the start of the season for so many households, could be fraught with danger and uncertainty. This Christmas of course, it is the undeniable reality for us all.

Businesses all over Northern Ireland have had to come up with new and different ways of providing their services to a stay-at-home population, even in sectors that have traditionally never provided an at-home service.

At Fir, we’re proud to be ahead of the curve.

Since we started our Christmas tree delivery service back in 2016, our core service has always been to provide our clients with a way to shop for their perfect tree without having to do it among the crowds of other people all doing the same thing.

Your trust and loyalty is our main driving force, so when it comes to Coronavirus and Covid-19, we take the responsibility of protecting our clients, and our staff, incredibly seriously. Let us take this opportunity to reassure you with what you can expect from us.

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Delivery and Recycling

The actual process of delivering and removing your tree will change very little from what you’re already used to with us.

You’ll still be able to choose your tree at your doorstep and we’ll still fit your stand. And, providing we can do so while maintaining a safe distance from you, we’ll still bring your tree inside and set it up just where you like. If you’d feel more comfortable bringing the tree into your home yourself, then that’s fine too.

Occasionally, upon seeing our excellent choice of trees, some clients choose to take a larger tree and pay the difference in cash to our visiting staff. This is one area that must change in order to provide a safe and contactless service, so our staff will no longer be able to accept cash. However, a quick call back to the office and you can make your transaction using your debit or credit card over the phone instead. Our staff will have the number handy.

For those who use our recycling service, if we can maintain a safe distance from each other we’ll still be able to collect your tree from inside your house. Just remember, the pricing of our recycling service is based on whether we will enter your house or not, so if you think it’s not going to be possible to do this safely, make sure you choose the correct recycle option.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

For your protection, our visiting staff will wear face coverings. While they are with you, for their protection, we ask that you wear a face covering too. Additionally, you should keep doors open while they are on your premises to aid ventilation. We appreciate that you may consider these measures an inconvenience, but we would not ask you to do this if we didn’t feel it was absolutely necessary to help stop the spread of the virus. Our staff are very efficient and we promise you’ll only be inconvenienced in this way for a few minutes. Thank you.

Disposable gloves won’t be used as they don’t offer sufficient protection from injury, so staff will still wear the usual heavy duty gloves that work like this demands, but they will also sanitise their hands between each visit.

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Covid-19 Testing

It had been our intention that we would follow the same regime of testing in Northern Ireland as we do in Ireland, and test all of our staff regularly for the presence of Covid-19. Unfortunately, apart from a few key worker roles, Covid-19 testing is not available in the UK to anyone who is not already displaying symptoms.

Instead, we will test the temperature of all our staff at the beginning of each shift and ask them to closely monitor their health for changes that indicate the main symptoms. Should any of these become apparent, we will then arrange for Covid-19 testing.

NHS Track and Trace

This is actually something we have covered by default. Since your orders from us involve us coming to your house and because we take your phone number to call you when we’re on our way, you already give us all of the details required for us to meet our NHS Track and Trace obligations. There’s nothing further you need to do.

Get in Touch

If you feel that there is something we’ve missed or you have any special requirements not covered here then please do contact us and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We believe that these measures will keep everybody safe and give you the opportunity to enjoy your perfect Fir Christmas tree like usual, and ultimately, your whole Christmas. After a year like this one, we all need to be able to do that!

Merry Christmas and stay safe
The Fir Team

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